The role of Taijiquan:

Tai Chi has many facets; self-cultivation, fitness puzzle, enlightenment, wisdom, inspire potential attack and defense movements, maintains health and improves the overall quality of our bodies, improving the quality of our lives. Tai Chi practice leads to improvements both internally and externally. The firing emotional momentum of yin and yang through Tai Chi practice moves its potential outside of just boxing (fighting) and helps imbue and imposing demeanor. There is a popular saying in China, "The qualities gained from Tai Chi are physical strength and mental force.

  1. Improving the nervous system:
    The role of the nervous system is to regulate all the functional activities of the internal organs and maintain the integrity and unity within the human body to adapt the body's needs to changes in the external environment. Taiji breathing which focuses qi through ideas and movements, can facilitate the function of brain cells in order to perfect the human nervous system. Excitation and inhibition processes are coordinated, prevention of mental trauma, nerve-like illnesses such as neurasthenia, insomnia, high blood pressure are prevented.
  2. Improving blood circulation and expanding lung capacity:
    Tai Chi exercise can prevent heart disease because unlike other sports Tai Chi moves slowly, stretching the muscles and allowing them to relax. This slower style of movement promotes sufficient blood supply to the heart without speeding up the heart rate thus increasing the burden on the heart. By slowing down and using slender, slow, uniform abdominal breathing provides sufficient oxygen to the lungs, which also exercises gastrointestinal peristalsis which improves the digestion and excretion functions. Often Tai Chi exercise is used to alleviate and prevent problems with stomach, lungs, constipation and hemorrhoids.
  3. Balance improvement:
    Tai chi exercise also improves balance and prevents osteoporosis. In the exercise pattern (form) there are special movements where the practitioner stands on one foot, improving the balance. These one legged postures strengthen the legs, which will increase bone calcium and the bones become very strong. Sometimes people who are just wrestling around experiencing bone fractures due to the lack of bone strength.
  4. Fitness:
    Some of the fitness functions of Tai Chi include; dropping the shoulders, making sure the elbows are pointed toward the floor, keeping the back straight not pushing out the chest, the stomach is flat and toned not distended or drawn in, which opens the hips, buttocks and other lower abdominal convergence which together with waist rotation gives a very good overall exercise of all the bodily muscles resulting in good physical conditioning.
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